My first trekking experience


trekking experience

The first one is always special.

It was the trek of Tadiandamol (third highest peak of Karnataka, located in WESTERN GHATS range). So as I mentioned it was my first trek I had no idea what would trekking actually feels like. I assumed it would be normal walking and climbing that which is not a difficult job. But its not like that for the first time trekkers with heavy bags on your back , slippery muddy slopes, insects everywhere mostly leeches ( oh god, that leeches were horrible for me as I have phobia of insects. you have no idea when leech will crawl over you ) but I took all those things as challenges. Actually, these hurdles will bring confidence in me. Best lessons of life come from the challenges you face.

It was great to take a break from a boring and busy life and spend some peaceful time with mountains and to get rid of the dusty and polluted air of the city. Trekking is the best adventure activity to know your inner strength. When you go back to your work life you will be full of confidence and positive power. It feels great whenever think of my whole journey, the muddy surface I walked on, water pits I crossed by(my shoe went wet and heavy), dense shrubs and meadows I walked between, huge stones I climbed over, slippery rocks and of course lots of worms and insects. But still the best feeling I think of when I reached the top of the mountains. No words to describe that wonderful feeling. It was amazing. I could see the beautiful green and grey mountains all around, the sky was cloudy somewhere and clear elsewhere, beautiful water stream, lovely weather, fresh air.

Trekking experience

 My other memorable moments-

It was 6 hours journey by bus till the trekking destination. It was fun. I met new people, made friends. I like to meet new people and create new memories for my bucket. We played many games on the bus. It was a one-night stay trek. We played bonfire at night, did dancing, and had lots of fun. The next day after trekking we visited a monastery, a museum, and a beautiful garden. A great journey it was.

So here I want to share what I learned during trek:

  • It doesn’t matter if you are alone in your journey, just keep going because once you are on the top everyone wants to be with you.
  • The more you trek the more you get to know yourselves.
  • If you can conquer your mind for not letting yourself to stop what come may, then you can conquer anything you want.
  • The result you get after going through the difficulties is the sweetest.

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