Distinctive Sounds of different things

Distinctive Sounds are the names of the sounds of different elements listed below.

Here are a few distinctive sounds produced by various elements-



Buzzing of telephone telephone sound
Chiming of bells
Clangor of hammers hammer sound
Clanking of Chains chain sound
A Clatter of horse’s hoofs hoof's sound
A Crack of a whip whip sound
Crackling of fire fire sound
Crackling of wood wood sound
The Crackling of dry leaves dry leaves sound
Creaking of hinges hinges sound
The Gurgling of the rivers river sound
Hissing of steam steam sound
The Hooting of a steam whistle whistle sound
Howling of the wind wind sound
Jingling of bells bells sound
Lapping of water water sound
The Pattering of the rain rain sound
Popping of corks corks sound
Roaring of thunder thunder sound
Rolling of thunder thunder sound
Rumbling of thunder thunder sound
Rumbling of heavy vehicles heavy vehicles sound
A Rustle of silk or leaves silk or leaves sound
Screeching of brakes brakes sound
Shuffling of feet feet sound
Splashing of water water sound
Swashing of the sea sea sound
Ticking of a clock clock sound
Tinkling of bells bells sound
Tinkling of coins coins sound
Tinkling of glasses glasses sound
Tooting of a horn horns sound
Whirring of wings wings sound
Whizzing of arrows arrows sound
Zooming of airplanes airplane sound






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