principle roles of digital marketing

Digital Marketing Principle Job Roles:

  • Digital Marketing Director or Digital Director:

It can be said that this is one of the highest positions in the field of digital marketing. To achieve this position, you must have at least 5-7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. The Director / Director of Digital Marketing deals with global marketing development strategies that will generate more traffic, conduct digital marketing campaigns, make improvements to the website and update it periodically, etc.

  • Social Media Marketing Executive and Social Network Manager

The work in social networks is one of the most great jobs, but do not confuse it just with tweeting and Facebook, there is more. As an administrator / administrator of social networks, you must control the latest trends in social networks and plan strategies accordingly, coordinate with the content team and the customer service team on a regular basis, create quality content or video, etc. Social media platforms and a lot of creativity are a necessity for this work role.

  • SEO Executive / Expert

A well-designed website will not help if the company does not have people who can promote it and, therefore, the company hires SEO executives who make sure that the company’s website is on the entire web. SEO executives are responsible for getting traffic to the website and improving Google rankings. They should make sure that the content of the website is easy to search, search for keywords, research SEO tools, create site maps and send them, etc.

  • Expert in PPC / SEM

The sometimes useful and sometimes irritating ads mentioned above are created by these people. They generate a large number of potential customers for the company and, therefore, there is a high demand for PPC professionals. As an PPC / SEM expert, you are supposed to manage PPC keywords, split ad groups, refine landing pages, generate reports, provide suggestions for ad copy and graphics, etc.

  • Content Marketer

If you think you can write better than what already exists on the web, then you are perfect for this role. The responsibilities of a content marketer include the creation of content that has all the qualities to be viral, ensure that the content is promoted well through SEO, coordinating with other teams and incorporating their entries into the content, following the trends of content, etc. For content marketing, you will need an impeccable knowledge of the English language along with a lot of creativity.

Other Digital Marketing Opportunities:

There are many other roles or designations in Digital Marketing that depend on the company and its requirements. Some of them are:

Analytics manager

Email Marketing Manager

ORM(online reputation management) manager


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