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Tehe best virgin coconut oil

The best Virgin Coconut Oil for skin, hair and health

Virgin Coconut Oil, the one solution for many problems- VCO is a natural form of Coconut Oil, to be extracted without heating and any chemical process. As a brand name or company, there are many good ones sell pure Coconut Oil. One that I like is┬áMerit VCO Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.┬áThis Oil is extracted from …


Running- The Best Exercise

Just need a pair of running shoe and the world is mine..! Welcome to the running world !! It’s overwhelming. Running has significant benefits that everyone should know. It can help us in many ways to get rid off diseases and make us healthy and fit life long. Running is one of the best exercises …

trekking experience

My first trekking experience

  The first one is always special. It was the trek of Tadiandamol (third highest peak of Karnataka, located in WESTERN GHATS range). So as I mentioned it was my first trek I had no idea what would trekking actually feels like. I assumed it would be normal walking and climbing that which is not …